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is a lifelong resident of Mt. Lebanon.


She graduated from Mt. Lebanon High School in 1988.


Hillary is a mom of two: Meghan (MtLHS '13), who is now a pharmacist, and Will, who is now a junior at the high school.


Some people recognize the last name and often ask if there is a relation - Hillary's dad, Bob Lohr, taught 5th grade at Washington Elementary for 10 years before changing careers.


Hillary is a small business owner and realtor. She lives in the Washington area, in a home next door to her mother, Penny.

Hillary has volunteered within Mt. Lebanon for many years.

She has served as a coach and board member of the Mt. Lebanon Girls Softball Association, as a member and President of the Mt. Lebanon Library Board of Trustees, and as a school volunteer for multiple field trips and activities.

Why is Hillary running?

Like many, Covid opened her eyes to how the school district and municipality were really being governed. Hillary became involved with the local Republican committee, quickly being voted Vice Chair and then Chair, because this group was the counter for the one actually running the district and Commission.


When the path to a School Director victory in 2023 presented itself and the county Republican committee put political party over Hillary's goal of helping and serving the people of Mt. Lebanon, Hillary resigned from her Chairpersonship and committee, stating "I have lived in Mt. Lebanon my entire life, raised my children here, been involved with the schools and sports leagues, volunteered and served on a community  board, welcomed my 1988 classmates back by planning reunions, enjoyed meeting friends and neighbors at community businesses and events, and know our municipality and school district can return to the right path for a brighter future for all. I choose my home, without hesitation. I choose Mt. Lebanon."

Political party politicking and influence have no place in making decisions and honoring best practices for the good of the students and staff of our schools, or the community that pays their hard earned tax dollars to support our district. The Mt. Lebanon School Board needs to have one clear focus - provide the best education to ALL students. Every single discussion they have and vote they take needs to be based upon that ideal. Hillary is not running for School Director for any other reason than to serve the best interests of the stakeholders of Mt. Lebanon.

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