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Voter registration and turnout guarantees that endorsed members of a single political party (that starts with a "D") have a big advantage in Mt. Lebanon, but...

If you believe in balance, diversity of thought and strong representation for everyone in our community and if you know that the best ideas and outcomes do not occur in a room where everyone is of the same mind  - VOTE for 1!

Remember that stats class you took? The math here is the key! On the ballot, this school board category will say "Vote for five". Just voting for ONE will create a mathematical weighting to change the odds and exponentially increase the chances of a win, for ALL OF US.


Q: But I like some of the other candidates? 

A:  The voter demographic GUARANTEES that four of them, in this 4-year category, are going to win, even without your vote! My goal is to not let it be five.

Q: Didn't we just do this in 2021 and that slate didn't win? 

A: That was a great group, but no one knew enough to overcome the inequity of the local voter demographics. So, besides understanding voter turnout, mail in ballots and other basics much better this year, the opportunity to focus a weighted strategy on one person gives a solid mathematical opportunity that didn't exist before.

Q: What if I like to vote for a mixed slate, people from different parties?

A: So, what you want is an outcome of board members who are somewhat diverse in their thinking - VOTE for 1 is the only way to achieve this, otherwise all five endorsed candidates from the same party are going to win.

Q: This makes sense, but how are you going to get this strategy out to enough voters?

A: The plan is in place, but I need help implementing it. Financing is key. I'm ready with targeted lists and a solid base of support, but there are over 17,000 voting households in Mt. Lebanon to reach in a very short period of time. I have pieces ready to go, but need the funds to execute. Time is of the essence! Do you know how many Mt. Lebanon voters are on the permanent mail-in ballot list (meaning they will get their ballot around the beginning of October)? ALMOST 10,000! 

Please donate today - and ask your friends and neighbors to do the same.


The best schools = The best community

Even if you don't have kids in the school district, your home/property value (and the taxes you pay to maintain it) are directly tied to the district.


Help me use the math to start to bring balance to the board and put the Mt. Lebanon School District on the right path to a better future!


Thank you!


Mail checks to:


7 Hemlock Street

Pittsburgh PA 15228


Donate securely through WinRed:

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