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Check here often for campaign updates.

November 3

From today's Devil's Advocate (high school newspaper). Remember when I got up in front of the school board and accused them of holding off teacher contract negotiations until after the election? Some of them were "offended"...but here we are on November 3rd - strike talk in the school newspaper.

October 23

Here is where we are with 2 weeks to go...

  • 2000 doors lit dropped and knocked

  • more than 7000 large mailers sent

  • signs still going up

  • personalized postcard initiative in progress

  • questionnaires submitted and accessible

  • "Ask Me Anything" sessions still happening

  • social media engagement still high

  • personal reach plans still in progress

  • and more!


2 critical asks - every person who understands how important this school board election is and how the "Vote for 1" is the best chance at success needs to reach out to at least 5 people to spread the message and then GET THEM TO DO THE SAME


I need election day poll greeting volunteers, preferable morning, afternoon or evening (3 or 4 hours at a time), but if you only have an hour or two, please still contact me!! All help is welcome! Poll greeters are the final contact voters have before casting their vote, handing them my poll card and saying a few words (which I will share ideas for) can make all the difference! I'll personally deliver the cards to you and go over the super simple plan for the day. Please help! email me at

Here are the links to 2 community questionnaires I submitted:

League of Women Voters

Mt. Lebanon City Council of PTAs


Thank you so much for everyone who is helping, donating, sharing - I truly appreciate it!

October 12

A BIG postcard mailing is going to start hitting mailboxes today - this was expensive, and postage was completely out of my own pocket, but absolutely necessary. (if you can, please go to the "Help Hillary Win" page and donate today!) How else can you help? Share this website, sign up for email updates (button on the home page) and forward those emails, like and share on social media, talk to your friends, neighbors, tennis group, book club - you tell two people, ask them to tell two people, and so on... A win IS possible! But I can't do it alone!

October 10

I apologize, it has been too many days since I posted an update! It's a whirlwind of meet and greets, Ask Me Anything sessions, lit drops and door knocks, projects, printing, planning... - and a very interesting School Board meeting interaction. Facebook and Instagram are updated more often, check them out for the latest news. Social media is also heating up - can always tell I'm making an impact when the internet keyboard warriors start to pile on, which is fine, I enjoy any opportunity to answer questions and get my message out there!

Back to the school board - most people in Mt. Lebanon do not know the teachers have been working without a contract since June 30. I asked for an update at Monday's school board meeting, here is the meeting link. Click this video link and listen to the last 3 minutes for my question and Board President Jake Wyland's (non)response. VIDEO

Here is the link to read my statement -


September 26

Signs and doors and signs and meet&greets and signs...

Signs are here and being delivered - email with your address - we deliver!

Mail in ballots are coming SOON! Need to be ready! A little secret, I don't really like yard signs, either, but NAME RECOGNITION is VERY important. I just had another story proving signs work from tonight, 2 different people talked to me while I was doorknocking about my "Change the odds. Vote for 1" signs. They saw them, they were intrigued, they looked up the website, then I appeared on their street! That concept is catching on. People want to see balance and representation for everyone in Mt. Lebanon on the board and in our local offices, but have become disheartened because the math wasn't in favor of the regular "run a slate" method. Vote for 1 has promise and is getting some good word of mouth, watch for a new video about it before the weekend (but email me for your sign now!)

September 20

New YouTube video is up, if you want to read more about the Strategic Plan or the new Comprehensive Plan that I mention, here is the link:

September 16

Had some really good conversations with people today. I set myself up by the fountain Uptown - me, my daughter, in our elect Hillary Lohr tshirts with a tote. I don't jump up to everyone as they walk by (because I know how I feel if anyone does that to me!), but in these "Ask me anything" sessions, it is great that people choose to stop and talk to me. Some want to know about me, some just want to say "Hi", but too many have real issues with the district - even when they reach out to the administration or school board, they feel dismissed or ignored. THIS is why I'm running! The board should be making decisions with the community, not for the community.

September 12

Not on the email list yet to see updates? Click this button to sign up!

September 5

YouTube is an interesting tool - check out and subscribe to my page. No professional video setups, just me, my phone and my son to help edit it all together! Check it often for District updates and information, and to follow the process to try to reach the community to get the votes necessary to make a difference in Mt. Lebanon!

click the icon at the bottom of the page to visit my @MtLHillaryLohr channel (and share with people you know!)

August 28

Back to School week in MtL, so it is time to push the campaign into the next gear. Here are all of the places you can follow along and connect - 

this website

Facebook and Instagram (@ElectHillaryLohr)

YouTube (@MtLHillaryLohr)

Email directly (

and you can DONATE by clicking the button on this site, or go to (Committee to Elect Hillary Lohr)

August 22

Summer is heading to a close. My family was able to do more things together than the last few years, which was bittersweet because we had been housebound by our forever loved pug, Max. Not having a senior doggie to care for anymore meant more movies, more golf, more outings (even went with my son to the dirt track races!) and more time to prep and plan for this school board campaign!

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